Cedar Lake Elementary School

Christ Led Education


Cedar Lake Elementary School is blessed to have a beautiful facility with 5 individual classrooms, library, commons, small kitchen, large commercial kitchen, and gymnasium.  Paid staff include four teachers (one of which also serves as principal), a janitor,  and treasurer.  Teachers and staff work hard to make the classrooms inviting and fun for learning.  If you would like to tour our facility or meet with our teachers, please call the office to schedule a visit.  We would love to show you and you child around and introduce you to other students and parents.

Based on current enrollment, our current classroom configuration is as follows:

Kindergarten (Mrs. Gardner) 

Lynette Gardner teaching kindergarten students the days of the week



Grades 1-4 (Mrs/ Williams)

Cheryl Williams starts the day off with worship with her students




Grades 5-8 (Miss Soler)




Band/Choir (Mrs. Greene & Mrs. Coon)

Older students are required to learn an instrument and play in the band


Music instruction is mandatory and all CLE students are a part of our choir