Cedar Lake Elementary School

Christ Led Education

Meet our Staff

Lynette Gardner


Lynette Gardner has worked at Cedar Lake Elementary School for the past 8 years in a variety of roles.  She teaches Kindergarten - her favorite grade to teach and is also the principal.  She and her husband Todd live in Edmore, Michigan and have three children - Wyatt, Logan, and Sierra.  In her spare time, she loves to read, scrapbook, cook and bake.  Her desire for all the students at Cedar Lake Elementary School is to learn and grow not just academically, but physically and spiritually as well.  She wants to prepare them to be of service to others and to share Jesus.


Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams is our grades 1-4 teacher.  She has taught here for the past 16 years.  She is known for directing many of the school plays and also developed the school's greenhouse project where our students get to plant, harvest, and sell what they have grown.  They also share their produce with  Daniel's Kitchen - Cedar Lake  SDA church's vegan/vegetarian restaurant.  She and her  husband Steve have two grown children, Kari and Ryan.  Their son Ryan and his wife Kristi have a daughter named Tessa,  their first grandchild.  In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.  Her desire for her students is to know Jesus and to share him with others.

Sophia Soler


Sophia Soler is our grades 5-8 teacher.  This is her second year at CLE.  We had the blessing of having her do her student teaching here at our school.  Her creativeness and enthusiasm are contagious.  She has served in a variety of mission opportunities around the world and enjoys  encouraging students to be active in service for Jesus.  In her spare time, she enjoys activities outdoors like sports, rock climbing, running, as well as water sports. She also likes to draw, paint, and work on art projects. Ultimately, though,  her passion lies in service to others and engaging in ministry to point others to Jesus.


Christianna Dunn

Christianna Greene is our band director.  We are so blessed to have her on our staff here at Cedar Lake Elementary. Besides her work at our school, she is also a nurse.   She and her husband Eric live here in Cedar Lake, Michigan.  When Christianna finds time, she loves to play the piano, take a walk out in nature, color, and put together jigsaw puzzles. Being able to spend quality time with her family and with her husband really brightens her day. She also really enjoys being able to interact with the students during various activities, events, and just on a daily basis.


Dawn Kroll

Dawn Kroll is our school janitor.  She has also been a teacher's aid and substitute teacher as well.  She is also serving on our school board.  She is active in both the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs as well as her local church.  She is married to Tony Kroll and has four children - Apryl, Luke, Elsie, and Owen.  In her spare time, she enjoys camping, playing board games with my family (especially Scrabble and Ticket to Ride),  going to any body of water to walk and explore, crafts,  helping others and spending time with her family.  Her love of students is evident in all she does and her desire is for them to become forever friends with Jesus.

Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner is our school treasurer and has helped Cedar Lake Elementary for the past seven years in dealing with IT issues.  He has also served on our school board as well.  This is his first year as school treasurer, a job that fits him well as he has his Masters in Business Administration.  He is married to Lynette Gardner and has 3 children - Wyatt, Logan, and Sierra.  In his spare time, he enjoys genealogy, ham radio and radio production, and spending time with his family.  He looks for ways to help families who want to send their child to a Christian school.



Matt Romashko

Matt Romashko is our school board chairman.  He has served our as both a member and a chairman for the  past eighteen years.  He has provided our school with great leadership.  He is a lawyer who specializes in criminal justice.  He is active in the church and community.  He and his wife, Kristi are area coordinators for Pathfinders.  They have two grown daughters, Samantha and Shelby.  In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, bike riding, and spending time with his family.  His vision for our school is to make sure that every child who wants an Adventist education can receive it and for those students to draw close to Jesus.