Cedar Lake SDA Elementary

Christ Led Education
Assignments: March 21-27
 March 21-27

Spelling Week 2:

         Wednesday: ABC Order
         Thursday- Definitions

3rd Grade Math:
Monday- Lesson 100 Practice & Fact Sheet
        Tuesday- Lesson 101 Practice & Fact Sheet
        Wednesday- Lesson 102 Practice & Fact Sheet
        Thursday- Lesson 103 Practice & Fact Sheet
        Friday- Test 18 
4th Grade Math:
Monday- Pg 344-345
         Tuesday- Pg 348-349
         Wednesday- Pg 351-353
         Thursday- Pg 354-356
         Friday- Test 18
Handwriting 3rd/4th:
         Monday- Lesson 16 Day 1
         Tuesday- Lesson 16 Day 2
         Wednesday- Lesson 16 Day 3    
         Thursday- Lesson 16 Day 4 (Practice Sheet)
         Friday- Lesson 16 (Border Sheet)     

DOL Week 2:  
   Monday- Correct sentences (1-2)
         Tuesday- Correct sentences (3-4)
         Wednesday- Correct sentences (5-6)
         Thursday- Correct sentences (7-8)
         Friday- Correct sentences (9-10)
Monday- Vocab:
                          luscious, heavenly, appreciated, inspection, 
                                 examining, excitement, frantically, physically
                                  Contractions using "Will" or "Would"
                    Wk. Pg 23
        Tuesday-Opinion Proof Strategy
                    Exchange Responses
        Wednesday- Vocab:
                               concentrate, immediately, energetically, 
                                      fantastic, upholstered, reluctantly, invisible 
          Thursday- Opinion Proof Strategy
                      Exchange Responses
Monday- Read Chap. 3&4
                      Cause & Effects of Chap. 3&4
         Tuesday- QAR: Students Develop for Each Type
          Wednesday- Read Chap. 5&6
                           Cause & Effect of Chap. 5&6                 
         Thursday- QAR: Students Develop for Each Type

Writing Workshop:

Monday-Thursday: Journal

            Monday- Paul's Trip to Rome
                       Acts 27:1-28:6
                      Draw Picture of Paul being Shipwrecked & Bitten by snake
         Tuesday-Lesson 45
                       Make Snakes
                          -3rd Grade Pg 180
         Wednesday- The Last Disciple
                      Draw Picture of John of Patmos
          Thursday- Lesson 46
                          -3rd Grade Pg 186
                    Paint Picture of John's Visions

Science/Social Studies:
         Monday- Science Chap. 4
                     Lesson 1 Pg 85
                            water, vapor, evaporate, condense, cloud
         Tuesday- Inquiry Activity 
                      Model of Different Cloud Types
         Wednesday- Read 214-219
                          Wkst. 48
         Thursday- Read 220-227
                       Wkst. 49 & 50