Cedar Lake SDA Elementary

Christ Led Education


The school dress code is based on four basic Bible principles as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church: neatness, modesty, cleanliness, and appropriateness. Questions concerning clothing and appearance should be referred to the principal. This school has adopted uniforms and the policy regarding the uniforms is listed below.

School Uniform Policy

All students that attend CLE are to wear the CLE polo shirt and tan or navy pants. The school uniform must be worn at all times during school hours. Students who do not come to school in dress code will not be able to attend classes until they are in dress code. Students that are in school and not in dress code may be assigned various jobs to perform at school until the issue is resolved.

  •  The CLE polo shirts may be purchased through the school.
  •  A long sleeved white shirt may be worn under the CLE polo. There are to be no graphics on the  sleeves.
  •  Shirts are to be tucked in at all times and a black or brown belt must be worn at all times.  (Kindergarten students will not be  required to wear a belt.) 
  •  The tan or navy pants may be purchased at the store of your choice. (No jeans or denim.)
  •  Pants must not be of a low-cut origin or Capri-style.
  •  Tight, baggy, or sagging clothing is always inappropriate.
  •  The optional CLE zip-front sweatshirt is the only acceptable piece of clothing to be worn over  top of the CLE polo.
  •  The optional CLE zip-front sweatshirt, if worn, must be worn over the uniform shirt.
  •  Girls may wear the optional CLE skirt.

1. Uniforms should fit properly and be in good repair. 
2. Hair should be styled conservatively, be neat, and of natural color.

1. Students should come to school with clean clothing, hair, and body.
2. Upper grade students should wear deodorant when needed.

1. Close-toed shoes must be worn at all times for safety reasons.
2. Students are to bring appropriate outdoor wear for recess. This could include coats, hats, gloves, boots, snow pants, etc.
3. Jewelry should not be worn or brought to school. This includes rubber wristband bracelets. Students may not wear anything except watches or medical alert bands on their wrists.
4. Make-up and fingernail polish are not allowed.
5. Head coverings or sunglasses are not to be worn while in the school building.

Student Dress Code During School Sponsored Events

1. Clothing should cover the body well, including the midriff area, and should not be too tight.
2. No sleeveless, low-cut (4 finger rule), see-through, or cut-off shirts, and no shorts should be worn.
3. Girls’ skirt hems should come to the knees when standing.
4. Swimsuit Policy: In our continued quest to maintain high standards in modesty, we are asking that all male students wear board short-type swim shorts and all female students wear board shorts or other appropriate shorts with their modest, one-piece swimsuit.